7 such inspiring walks.

‘Walking’ on a whole new level.

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Ben Saunders spent 10 weeks walking from the north coast of Russia to the North Pole, and around to the north coast of Canada. For a full 72 days in 2004, Saunders was the only human being within a span of 5.4 million square miles, surviving an average temperature of -35C in conditions described by NASA as “the worst since records began.”

So Saunders, a polar explorer, was a little taken aback when a reporter asked him earlier this year: “If it is being done somewhere by someone — and we can participate virtually — why leave the house?”

His answer is simple: “The scenery that I saw for nearly three months was completely unique to me. No else will ever, could ever, possibly see the views and vistas I saw. That to me is the finest argument for leaving the house.”

In today’s talk, given at the TEDSalon…

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